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TWM Release New Single "Opaque"

Listen here:

Columbus-rooted group Thomas and the Work-Men share their first music of 2020 with “Opaque” via Free Dive Records. It was recorded at Little Brother Audio in West Philadelphia, produced, mixed, and mastered by Tyler Ripley.

“Opaque” is a vintage feeling ballad providing warmth and love. “It’s a love song, but it’s about finding love….Opaque is about knowing there is something out there for you and pushing through all obstacles to get it.” said Gino Frederico, singer and guitarist of Thomas and the Work-Men.

Thomas and the Work-Men is composed of Gino Frederico (vocals, guitar), Matthew Miely (vocals, lead guitar), Steven Luke Mullins (Saxophone), Matthew Luebbers (bass) and Thomas Workman (drums).

Opaque features cruising verses that sway into uplifting choruses with the catchy call and answers vocals by Miely and Frederico. Then backed by a horns section led by Mullins and glued together by the bass and drums of Luebbers/Workman. “Opaque” gives you a classic rock feel with a bit of youthfulness.

A week prior to the current Coronavirus Pandemic, the band packed up their gear and headed out from Ohio to West Philadelphia to record at Little Brother Audio with Tyler Ripley. They recorded for seven days straight averaging 14 hours a day in the studio.

“The opportunity was much more immersive being in Philadelphia (at LBA). None of the many distractions or shortcuts of your hometown. The week was all about the bigger picture for the band and I think stepping outside the Midwest comfort zone made that more real and inspired a much better-sounding record than we anticipated. There’s definitely a 'Philly sound' and I’m stoked how we interpreted it.” added Matthew Luebbers.


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