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Columbus-rooted Alt Rock group, Thomas and the Work-Men, share their EP “Good Company” via Free Dive Records. It was recorded at Little Brother Audio in West Philadelphia, produced, mixed, and mastered by Tyler Ripley. It will be released August 20th

Thomas and the Work-Men’s music is about living in the moment and making the best of the situations around you. “It’s a reflection of being in your mid twenties. Life has a lot to offer: with good comes bad, with old comes new. We’re a quarter of the way through, so when a song idea would come about, “where we are now”, “how did we get here”, and “what’s to come” were the most natural ideas to come to mind. They were the ideas that felt real.” said Gino Frederico, singer and guitarist.

The 6 song EP in the tracklist order encompases a day of summer - starting with the psychedelic ballad, “Dominos”. An opening of horns, guitar, and piano that sounds like the sun is rising and it's a new day to pursue life. “You may fall. You may rise up. But you’ll never know until you go for it. “Dominos” is the road to find your home.” said Frederico

Once it’s time to seize the day, it’s time for the refreshing yet nostalgic EP titled track “Good Company”. “It’s in good company we give up our secrets to life. It’s in good company we live life to its fullest. We live it up together.” said Frederico about the Steely Dan inspired track.

Now the sun is high in the sky and it is time to enjoy what is around you with the single “Sunshine”. “Sunshine is at its core, a song about living in the present. We have so many distractions constantly surrounding us that it’s easy to lose sight of what really matters.” said Matt Miely, singer and guitarist. The release coincided with the non-profit Chase Life’s Virtual 5-mile run with the streams on Spotify being donated to the non-profit.

As the sun settles, on comes, “Opaque”, a vintage feeling ballad radiating warmth and love. “It’s a love song, but it’s about finding love….Opaque is about knowing there is something out there for you and pushing through all obstacles to get it.” said Gino Frederico, singer and guitarist of Thomas and the Work-Men. “Opaque” gives you a classic rock feel with a bit of youthfulness.


Not all moments in life are enjoyable or cherished, yet require reflecting in order to move forward. As night into twilight occurs, the EP turns to “I’ll Be Up” and “Motive” to set the vibe. “Removing the “what doesn’t work” from your life can be a hard realization but when you successfully do so, there’s no better feeling.'' said Frederico. The large sound of Motive filled with hints of hip-hop and smooth guitar/sax ends with the clearing of the listener’s frequency palette to start the next day.

Thomas and the Work-Men is composed of Gino Frederico (vocals, guitar), Matthew Miely (vocals, lead guitar), Luke Mullins (Saxophone), Matthew Luebbers (bass), and Thomas Workman (drums). A few tracks on the EP also feature a horns section led by Mullins (sax, trumpet, and trombone).

A week prior to the Coronavirus Pandemic, the band packed up their gear and headed out from Ohio to West Philadelphia to record at Little Brother Audio with Tyler Ripley. They recorded for seven days straight averaging 14 hours a day in the studio. The album cover arrived from pictures taken in the studio sessions.

“An advantage to working 14 hour days for a week straight is we really got to know Tyler. Admittedly, he was at first harder to read than other producers I’ve worked with. By the end of the week, we were crushing beers until my 5am flight home. I felt that we had a solid understanding of what everyone is trying to do with this band and this label. He only holds you to your own expectations, provided he trusts you to set those pretty high. I think we did, and as a result we have a really cohesive, nuanced record with a more focused direction.” added Matthew Luebbers, bassist.

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