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Old Friends "Run" Music Video is Released

South Jersey-rooted band, OLD FRIENDS, share their first music video for the song “Run” via Free Dive Records. It was directed/shot by Mxiiew and Vic Antonio. Edited at Little Brother Audio.

“I lost control and got into a head on collision with oncoming traffic and totaled my brand new car” said Nick Noto, singer and guitarist for Old Friends. The same road where this occurred is seen in the music video.

Noto, an aspiring musician, was working two jobs (at a winery and a coffee shop) and left work when it started to rain. “I had been having some trouble with my brakes and figured I could just address it when I went back to the dealer to get an oil change. But, as I went to come to a stop, my car started to slide.” added Noto.

“After that, I dealt with a lot of shame, and a lot of blame. Everyone I spoke to, from witnesses, to police, to the insurance all tried to make it out like it was my fault... I sank into a deep depression full of guilt, pain, and anxiety. I didn’t show up to a couple of gigs. I burned some bridges because I just could not pick up the phone and hear the disappointment in someone's voice. I couldn’t drive down that road for 3 months after the accident...

Instead of facing the situation head on, I ran..” said Noto.

Noto’s chilling vocals and guitar allows the listener to feel every somber moment he went through. The music video was shot across multiple states capturing beautiful yet haunting landscapes to fit Noto’s thoughts.

“Reliving this traumatic experience through Run has been therapeutic….Run is about owning your mistakes. It is about growth. Acknowledgment of your flaws. Running from your problems will not solve them. Although it seems like the easiest way out, in the long run you will be left with so much guilt.” said Noto.

Events and days like the one Noto experienced can seem blurred or not really there. The video was shot accordingly to put the viewer in a dream state while wandering through landscapes of isolation and distress.


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