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Old Friends Release New Single

​South Jersey-rooted band, ​OLD FRIENDS, ​share their second single “Place to Hide” via Free Dive Records. It was recorded at Little Brother Audio in West Philadelphia, produced/mixed by Victor Sabatino and mastered by Tyler Ripley.

"Everyone has that place they go when they’ve been having a tough time, whether that be a bad day or bad year. I used to always just hide away in my room, stubbornly alone.” said Nick Noto, singer and guitarist for Old Friends.

The single is the first of several 2021 releases for Old Friends. This one showcases a more aggressive songwriting from the previous single “Run”. “Place To Hide is a perfect follow up to ‘Run’, being that it’s about the place you run off to” added Noto. Place to Hide, brings about heavy guitars with pop like melodies, which paints the walls like the Seattle Sound in the 90s. Noto’s earthy tones and cavernous vocals bring about nature as a common companion. The music itself is a place of temporary escape from reality til you are in a better mindset.

listen here:

“It takes a long time to figure that out when you’re alone, but I feel I’ve come out better for it. I’ve found a version of myself I’m proud of, and I’m not willing to compromise on that anymore..” said Noto.


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