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New TWM Single "Sunshine" to Support Charity

Thomas and the Work-Men is collaborating with Chase Life with the release of their next single “Sunshine”. Chase Life is a non-profit organization that was started in 2015 after Chase Gage (a close friend of the band’s) unfortunately passed away in a car accident. Chase was passionate about connecting people, working hard, and giving back to the communities. The Chase Life Foundation was created to continue the spread of his infectious joy and passion for life. The non-profit hosts an annual 5-mile run called The Chase in his memory and to promote and celebrate the motto “Chase Life”. Thomas and the Work-Men has had the opportunity to perform at the event the past two years. This year due to COVID-19 complications, the event has gone virtual, so the band is releasing “Sunshine” the weekend of the virtual event as an alternative to their usual post-run performance.

“Sunshine” is a great representation of what Chase Life stands for: living in the moment and not wasting a beautiful day by being preoccupied by any of the nonsense or “what ifs” - living every day chasing life. 

Chase Life with “Sunshine” - available June 26th with all streaming proceeds being donated to the Chase Life Foundation. Visit to pre-save “Sunshine” on Spotify.

The Chase virtual run will take place on Saturday June 27th. Visit to register for the event and to learn more about Chase Life.


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