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Dry Reef Releases "Hey Bird"

Dry Reef releases their first single since 2018, "Hey Bird".

“Hey Bird” was recorded at Little Brother Audio in West Philadelphia, produced and mixed by Tyler Ripley and Pat Gillen, and mastered by Tyler Ripley.

“Hey Bird” is a refreshing, glowing composition blending dreamy, glistening instrumentation with a tranquil hip-hop beat. Paired with the serene, candid refrain, the catchy track immerses the listener into a colorful environment blooming with harmony and aspiration. Hitting us in the depths of winter, “Hey Bird” is a call to the coming spring.

Dry Reef has always used their music as a conduit for positivity and encouragement. Fusing honest, careful songwriting and bright, lively composition, their 7-year deep discography pulses with energy, fortitude, and excitement. “I just want to make music that sounds like the best day of your life,” says lead vocalist Pat Gillen.

This most recent single achieves the essence of Dry Reef’s mission. Their most dynamic song yet, winding and curving through wistful vocals, heart-pounding rhythms, vibrant guitar melodies, and a gleaming chorus that begs the listener to break out of their walls and try their best to fly.

Dry Reef is composed of Patrick Gillen (lead vocals, bass), Collin O’Donnell (lead guitar), Charles Minehart (vocals, guitar), and Joseph Anderson (drums). They are about to embark on their fourth major East Coast tour.


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