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Tyler Ripley Audio Engineer

Tyler Ripley

Founder of Free Dive Records

Tyler Ripley works as an audio engineer/producer at

Rittenhouse Soundworks and Little Brother Audio. He has worked with various acclaimed artists: Michael Ray (Kool and the Gang),

DOMi, Kevin Hearn (Barenaked Ladies), Joe Genaro (The Dead Milkmen),

Vic Juris, Kyle Sparkman, Noah Richardson, Sprite Lee and was an assistant engineer with the Grammy Nominated Sun Ra Arkestra.

Tyler also works as an audio engineer for the Philadelphia Eagles, where he received a Super Bowl Ring for his work during the 2017-18 season. His engineering/producing work with the Eagles has been featured on NBC, ESPN, CBS, FOX, and NFL Network, which has been seen by millions of people around the world. 

He founded the indie label, “Free Dive Records”, with the goal of developing up and coming artists. With many of the releases charting in over 10 countries including, “Dream State" by Moonroof which debut at #2 on #6 on Apple/iTunes Alternative and Top 200 Albums." All releases produced/engineered by Tyler Ripley.

Listen to a sample of his production portfolio HERE

Tyler graduated with degrees in Advertising/Public Relations and Music Technology from Penn State.

(if you care about that)


Victor Sabatino


Victor Sabatino is a producer and musician working for Free Dive Records out of Little Brother Audio. Originally joining the label fronting the rock band Median when they signed to Free Dive. Victor has since remained working for the label past the release the bands debut charting LP "Off Day."


He has been recording and producing his own music since age 15; producing other bands in the area in his bedroom. He originally specialized in metal and then pushing out to rock and alternative music.Victor started working with the likes of Fever Dreams, Schotzi, as well as self-recording a large portion of Median's catalogue. His most recent production release is an EP entitled "Swanning About" by West Philadelphia's Air Devi. 

Our team prides itself on their diverse work in various field of music/audio production. We believe this helps us, help you, get the sound you're looking for and helps market your product.

Here are just some of artists/organizations our team have done work for

 Lotus, Odean Pope, The Sun Ra Arkestra, Tony Miceli, Michael Ray (Kool and the Gang, Phish, Sun Ra Akrestra) Vic Juris, Chico Huff, The Philadelphia Eagles, Median, Kyle Sparkman, The Band Sheep, NFL Films,

The Sun Ra Arkestra, Sophie Coran, Lauren Scott, Trio Globo, The Burning Shoes, Penn State Athletics, Expansion Project, Cuna Maya, Besieged City (movie), Synik, 12 Hop, ESPN Radio 92.7, The Plants, Fun 101.3, Matt Tom Conway, Danie Ocean and Luke Carey 

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