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Empty Bottles


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Empty Bottles is an alternative rock band based out of the Philadelphia suburbs since 2018. The band consists of four members: Parker Lauritzen (Lead Vocals), Aidan Fox (Lead Guitar), Brandon McDonald (Drums), and Garrett Thomas (Bass Guitar). As each member has been playing music their entire lives, they desired to take their band to a more serious level with their partnership with Free Dive Records. The band aims to please the alternative and rap world with Parker’s raw vocals. Combined with the bluesy tone of Fox’s guitar and the funk and punk of McDonald and Thomas, Empty Bottles strives to create a new popular style of music. They are eager and driven to share their music with the world, hoping to one day live up to their dreams.

Starting off as an acoustic duo with Lauritzen and Fox they covered mainly old pop, rock, and rap songs to people at the beach and family members. Soon after, they invited McDonald and Thomas into the band to play a local show at Fenn’s in West Chester. Selling out their first show, they started to grab a lot of local attention amongst high school and college students. They continued to play shows and write songs and eventually partnering up with Free Dive, the four of them started working on an album at Little Brother Studios. Since the partnership, they are currently working on releasing their debut album this summer and are ecstatic to show the world what is in store.

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