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Kyle Sparkman

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During a lightning storm in Philadelphia with Parliament-Funkadelic blasting in the background… Kyle Sparkman was thrust into this world with a raging-red bushel of hair and a guitar in his hand.

The live show is energetic. The lyrics are prophetic. The fashion sense is pathetic. Now, he's on a mission to pollute the world's hearts and minds with an accessibly groovy-brand of funky indie rock.

Kyle’s debut album “Irrational Actors” is a 10-track effort featuring his unique blend of groove-tastic indie funk, jazz-tinged psychedelic sounds, and the melodic guitar stylings that have informed his playing over the years.

Spanning 4 producers, 14 musicians, and 4 studios, each track on the album brings its own brand of Philadelphian musical power to the table.

"Sidewalk, Golden Teacher, My Head, and Note to Self" done with Free Dive Records, Album via Alpha Pup Records

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