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Beach Fuzz

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Beach Fuzz is the Philadelphia-based collective work of Ross Aronow (Vox, Guitar), John Crane (Drums), Jack Dratch (Keys), Eric Juelke (Guitar), and Jack Venneri (Bass). Their sound is a fusion of indie pop, psych-rock, surf rock, and classic rock.

In 2017, five high schoolers came together to jam and share their song ideas. After a self-titled EP and a taste of the Philly DIY scene, Beach Fuzz spent most of 2018 polishing their sound, culminating in the release of their debut LP, "Casual Encounters." The album established their presence in the college circuit, playing basements all across the city. They gained a reputation for high energy performances, crowd engagement, and an unmatched sticker game.

Following the release of "Talking by the River," the pandemic, as well as an unexpected boost in online followers, encouraged the band to experiment with remote recording. Months of video calls and file sharing led to the EP, "Holding On" as well as soon to be released "Losing Touch."

Let's Rock

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